I’m taking a few days off following the OpenSolaris 2008.05 release to attend a wedding in New York.  Here are a couple of better shots from Manhattan, where I spent the weekend:

The Roasting Plant, an innovative coffee shop/roastery; everything is automated and all of the machinery was designed by the owners.  Beans swirl through the store in pneumatic tubes (click for larger versions):

Four seconds at Grand Central:

MOMA (from the Eliasson retrospective):

The view from Central Park:

I haven’t yet had time to even do a basic editing pass over these.  The MOMA shot needs a bit of effort, I think.  I like the Grand Central shot quite a bit, but I really wish I’d had image stabilization.  At 100% the fine details are blurry.  I had a gorillapod, but the shot was tough to get, as people’s footsteps on the stairway I was shooting from caused a fair amount of jiggle.

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