now live, exits beta

On Thursday I posted this announcement to opensolaris-announce, which notes
that I have taken out
of beta status. Please take a look, use, and enjoy…

I am pleased to announce that, the OpenSolaris
Code Review site, is now officially part of the
infrastructure. I encourage everyone in the community to use it.
In the March 2007 community priorities poll, the community declared:
#3 Deploy a public code review facility on
... was designed to meet that goal. It has been in Beta
test for some time, and after some final tweaking[1] it is now ready for
You will need an SSH key linked to your account in order to use it.
For more information on SSH keys, see
Once you have a registered key, see for
information about how to gain access to this system. We request
that users review the terms of service before using it. Problems can be
reported to website-discuss at opensolaris dot org.
Finally, if you would like to help out with the coding/maintenance of
this site, please visit the site and read the "Call for Help" section.
Dan Price
[1]: Specifically, concerns about who may access the system have been

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