Solaris 8 Migration Assistant (Etude) Launch, live from CEC

I was lucky enough to get to attend CEC (Sun’s Customer Engineering Conference) in Las Vegas, although not lucky enough to win anything at the casino.  So now, I’m sitting in the CEC System Launch session, and John Fowler is launching the new T5120 and T5220 systems.  Thankfully there is ample wifi here in the hall.

The best news for me is that John just announced the product I’ve been working on, the Solaris 8 Migration Assistant (or Project Etude) and showed how it can help with migration and consolidation activities.  A FAQ has been posted over here.  That’s not to say that you can download and use it now.  But very soon!  I think that these new systems in combination with the Solaris 8 Migration Assistant will make a very tempting combination for our customers who are still running Solaris 8 on older hardware.  You can upgrade and reduce your service costs, rack space, cooling, power costs, and get greater performance and bandwidth.

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