Etude Progress Update

The whole Etude engineering team (except, unfortunately, for Penny) gathered in the Bay Area last week.  We made a ton of progress and we’re on our final round of bug fixes.  It has been fun (if a bit nerve wracking) to watch the bug counts drop day by day.

One problem which has been challenging with this project is that we have a number of differently delivered software parts, all of which must undergo some change:

  • The solaris8 brand itself is a piece of software which bridges the gap between Solaris 8 and Solaris 10.  This is something you must add to an Solaris 10 8/07 (also called S10U4) system.  When it is finished, it will be delivered as two packages, SUNWs8brandu and SUNWs8brandr, plus an optional "demo" package.
  • We’ve got a very few Solaris 8 patches which we require (currently I think there are 6 of them).  Some of these (for example, a fix to the linker, and a fix to ptree(1)) we had to engineer ourselves. And some have been available for a long time and are probably already patched onto most S8 systems out there.  All of these are (or will be) available via the normal patch mechanisms.
  • We needed to add some enhancements to Solaris 10 in order for BrandZ to work solidly on SPARC systems.  While these changes will be automatically included in the next update of Solaris 10, for Solaris 10 8/07 you need to add a patch– the kernel jumbo patch, in fact (as I mentioned before, this patch is not out just yet).

For our Beta release, we were able to supply workarounds for some of these issues, but for our official release, we need every ‘t’ crossed, and every ‘i’ dotted. So last week we finally had all of those pieces available (internally) in at least a preliminary form.  Everyone has been busy testing the whole works.  For example, I’ve done a dry run on a T1000, which looks like this:

  • Install S10 8/07 onto the system (or into an LDOM (logical domain) on the system)
  • Bring system to single user mode
  • Add kernel patch using patchadd
  • Reboot system (or LDOM)
  • Add SUNWs8brandr and SUNWs8brandu packages to the system
  • Configure a Solaris 8 container and install it from an existing system archive
    • This will auto-apply any required Solaris 8 patches to the system
  • Boot S8 zone, and enjoy!

It’s nice to see the pieces coming together…

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