goes to Beta

I am happy to announce that, the OpenSolaris code review site, is now in Beta. For now, the site automatically grants an account to anyone with a contributor grant or better. For more on the "grants" system, see article III, Section 3.3 of the OpenSolaris Constitution.

For now, new accounts get created periodically by me running a script — eventually this will update hourly. So if you don’t seem to have an account now, let me know when you’ve got your grant.  Update 5/27/07: I set this up to auto-update every 20 minutes.

So take a look, give it a spin, and see if it works for you– and please let me know, good or bad. Keep in mind that this is a Beta, so things might be in flux over the next few weeks. Also: if you think you should have an account (because you have a grant) but don’t, please let me know.

Happy code reviewing!

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