, a work in progress

A while back I wrote about online codereview.  And Stephen has been hassling me to move my existing code review site, (hosting graciously provided by Steve Lau) over to the infrastructure.  So I have been slowly chipping away at all this, and now have some progress to report.

Gary was kind enough to provision me a zone in the OpenSolaris infrastructure.  As such, I’ve started to bring up the new codereview site.  Thus far, I have been working on getting mod_layout working so that we can decorate user supplied content with a little header and footer.  This was a bit of a pain because the Apache bundled with Solaris is compiled with the Sun compilers, which are not installed on the datacenter systems.  Only gcc is available (as it is in general on Solaris 10, under /usr/sfw/bin/gcc).  So, I did the build elsewhere– but I wonder what customers do when faced with this problem?  I wonder if we could use our "compiler wrapper" technology (which we use when building the OS under both compilers) to help us to bridge this gap?

Once I got that squared away, I brought up Apache with some stubbed out content.  Here is the beginning of the home page, and here is a sample code review with the decorations in place (that bar at the top is being dynamically inserted at page transmit time by mod_layout).  What do you think?  I’m pretty pleased about the way it looks, which was inspired by a similar "link bar" feature in gmail.

There is a bunch of stuff left to do: I’m going to change the account management around so that participates in the SSH key management scheme.  My working idea is that anyone with a contributor grant will be able to upload files.  The rssh stuff needs to be moved over from grommit.  Existing user data needs to move over.  The main page needs an overhaul… and probably a bunch of other stuff I haven’t thought of yet needs to be done.  Hopefully in another couple of weeks it will be fully up and running.

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