Blog Birthday Party 2006

We’re planning a Blog Birthday Party for OpenSolaris! The event will be on June 14th, 2006, to mark the one year anniversary of our launch. Looking back, it’s amazing how much we wrote as part of the launch. See Bryan and Liane’s chronicles of that event
here, and
here. I think that Tim Bray put it best:

They told me they were going to try to get lots of people to blog about the launch, but this is remarkable: this morning they knew about 132 bloggers and 215,000 words, and there’s another dozen pieces every time I turn on my aggregator. The communications and culture shift happening here is maybe just as interesting as OpenSolaris itself. Herewith observations, and pointers to some particularly sharp-edged samples. A new thing is in the world.

So in short, I’m trying to harness that same energy to celebrate the birthday of OpenSolaris. If you are reading, you are invited too: Join us by blogging or just reading on June 14th!

PS: I’m also hoping that we can celebrate with a 24-hour party in the #opensolaris IRC channel on Come for a chat!

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