Me, at SVOSUG, This Week

I’ll be the featured speaker this month– that’s this Thursday at
speaking about What is Solaris Nevada? I plan to give a broad overview of the contents
so far of the Nevada release. I’ll also talk as much as I can about future work
we have planned (I’m limited not by secrecy but by personal ability to absorb so
much diverse material).

If you’re looking for a broad overview of what’s going on in the Solaris community,
this talk might appeal to you. There’s sure to be something for just about every
UNIX interest, and I’ll do my best to field whatever hard questions get tossed at

Here is the announcement with details. Or to quote Alan:

When: Thursday, March 23, 2006
Where: Sun’s Santa Clara Campus Auditorium (upstairs)
What: “What is Solaris Nevada?”
Time: 7:30pm-10:00pm

After the talk, I plan to post the slides… so, watch this spot.

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