What’s New in Solaris Express 12/05 (Nevada Build 27)

Tuesday marked the release of Solaris Express 12/05 (or Nevada Build 27).
I’m a little late in blogging it, but here’s a breakdown. Among other things,
about 700 bugs were fixed.

Notable New Features in Solaris “Nevada”, Build 27 (12/2005)

Storage Technologies

  • ZFS was
    , a major milestone for the Nevada project. There’s not much
    I can say about ZFS that hasn’t been already said.
    Bryan’s blog
    is a good starting point, or watch the
    which I made.

  • The “device in use checking” project integrated. This adds smarts
    to a variety of utilities to detect whether various devices are currently
    in use. Here is an example:

    # format
    Searching for disks...done
    0. c0t0d0 
    Specify disk (enter its number): 0
    selecting c0t0d0
    [disk formatted]
    Warning: Current Disk has mounted partitions.
    /dev/dsk/c0t0d0s0 is in use for live upgrade /. Please see ludelete(1M).
    /dev/dsk/c0t0d0s1 is currently used by swap. Please see swap(1M).
    /dev/dsk/c0t0d0s6 is in use for live upgrade /opt. Please see ludelete(1M).
    /dev/dsk/c0t0d0s7 is currently mounted on /aux0. Please see umount(1M).

    newfs(1m), mkfs(1m), swap(1m), and
    dumpadm(1m) are similarly updated.

  • A long standing PCFS nuisance, 1181439 RFE: DOS files with hidden bit
    are not seen when PCFS mounted
    has been fixed.

  • EFI label support was added for IDE devices on SPARC and x86/x64.
  • UFS Filesystems with workloads using O_DSYNC and logging and NOT using
    forcedirectio are now faster.

Networking Technologies

  • The Yosemite project was integrated. Yosemite merges UDP and IP
    processing into a single high performance UDP engine, adds UDP H/W
    checksum offload. Latency and packet drops are down, UDP
    throughput is up (as much as 2x!). As a side-effect, TCP loopback
    performance was also improved. TIBCO and NFS/UDP users should be particularly
    happy to have this change.

  • IPFilter can now filter IPv6 traffic

  • /usr/sfw/bin/wget now supports large files

  • VLANs are now supported on xge (Neterion 10Gbs) ethernet devices.

Desktop Enhancements

  • The Xorg ‘nv’ driver was updated to the latest and the XF86-VIA driver
    was made available to Xsun users.

  • Mozilla was patched through MFSA 2005-59.
  • Ghostscript ESPgs is upgraded to 8.15.1 and now supports opvp and other
    drivers for japanese printers

Platform Enhancements

  • FMA (Fault Management) for the UltraSPARC-T1 CPU and Memory was added.
    This engine can diagnose failures in and offline individual strands or
    entire cores.

  • Memory Placement Optimization was enabled on V490 and V890 systems.
  • The power button on most x86 systems should now gracefully shut down the

  • Support for the RealTek 8169S gigabit ethernet chipset was added for
    SPARC and x86/x64.


  • PKCS#11 v2.20 was integrated, adding some new mechanisms.
  • Support for storing private keys into PKCS#11 keystores was added.
  • A new “session ID” selection option for auditreduce(1m) was added.

  • Kerberos was resynced to MIT 1.4.


  • Java was updated to 1.5.0_06.
  • Sendmail is upgraded to 8.13.5

  • Compatibility between SVM devices and zones is improved.

  • A series of DDI interfaces was marked “Obsolete” in order to
    encourage driver writers to move to new interfaces. These include:
    ddi_softintr_t, and

  • AT&T FACE (face(1)) was removed; fmli(1) was declared to be “obsolete.”

Opensolaris related activity

  • Juergen Keil contributed 6317110 svc.startd frees garbage in undefined locale
  • We’re in the final stretches of our effort to clean up the source code
    to be cleanly compilable using gcc. In this release we’ve got 110
    more bugs worth of gcc cleanup taken care of.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5 License.

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