Back from LISA, off to Apachecon

After a productive but exhausting week at LISA 2005, I came back to the Bay Area for the weekend. For those who are looking for my LISA slides: I promise to post them soon!

Here are some things I learned at LISA:

  • People love our new hardware; at the show we demoed the new T2000 Server and the new x2100 and x4100 servers; we hung big price tags on the machines, and had a really positive reaction to their low price and serviceability features.
  • We need to redouble our efforts to make people aware that OpenSolaris isn’t a marketing thing– it’s how we do our jobs.

We also owe a debt of gratitude to USENIX and the LISA organizers who made the experience smooth and professional.

Now it’s late on Sunday evening, and Tabriz and I will leave for ApacheCon in just a few hours. We’ll lead a BoF on OpenSolaris; following that, I plan to attend the “Apache Zones BoF” to learn about what the Apache community is doing with zones. We’ll also hang out at the Sun booth on Monday and Tuesday. See you there, I hope!

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