Off to LISA 2005

A horde of us will be heading to the USENIX LISA 2005 Conference this week. After last year’s success we’re psyched up and ready to go: We’ll be offering a snazzy booth with some very nice demos of key technologies (ZFS, SMF, FMA, Containers, N1, and more), several BoF sessions, and talks by Radia Perlman, Bryan Cantrill, Liane Praza and much, much more. We’ve even planned everything to be well synchronized with the “NC05Q4” product launch by begging, wheeling and dealing (but mostly begging) to bring you some really cutting edge hardware.

We sincerely hope to see you there! This is a big event for the system administration community; as OS developers, we’re really happy to get such a unique chance to exchange ideas with you.

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