Getting Solaris 10 Media, Cheaply

Yesterday I spent some time at LinuxWorld SF, and we had a minor crisis: no Solaris 10 DVDs
(we got some later in the day thanks to some heroics from our marketing folks).
We frequently get asked the question at BoFs and trade shows: How do I get Solaris 10 if I’m
over a slow link?
at which we usually hand over a DVD kit, but I’ve never been clear whether
it was possible to purchase these kits.

At lunch today, Keith pointed out that you can
also get hold of Solaris media for just $16 from Sun, delivered via priority mail. The
trick is that if you visit, you’ll be
asked to pay $50. I have no idea why.

But if you head over to the Solaris
10 “Get it” page
the price drops rather drastically– $10 + Shipping. You can select
faster shipping if you desire. For me it totalled $16.77 USD. The website
seems to indicate that you can have Solaris 10 sent to you anywhere in the world from this
website. I just tried ordering a copy, so we’ll see when it arrives.

So, if you’re stuck behind a slow or unreliable link, you can get Solaris media for a
(hopefully) reasonable price.

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