The 7 year scratch

Yesterday marked my seventh year at Sun. In that time I’ve:

  • Worked in two distinct workgroups (or is it 3?)
  • Submitted 520 bugs
  • Fixed 145 bugs (is that all? damn)
  • Received 270,000 emails (many automated, but still a lot)
  • Sent (actually composed) 24,500 emails (or 10 per day, every single day)
  • Had seven managers (well, six, with two non-consecutive terms
    by one of them)

  • Travelled (for Sun) to New York, New Jersey, Chicago, Houston, Atlanta, San Diego,
    LA, Seattle, Tokyo, and Singapore.

  • Presented to more than 1,000 people at various customer engagements.
  • Accumulated 20GB of junk in my home directory.

It all adds up after a while…

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