Live from…

Dave Powell, Matt, Sunay and I are in the Big Apple this week. And what a glorious week to be here!
After a rainy night when we arrived, today the weather was just fantastic and we had good fun taking photos.

So why are we here? We’re doing some customer visits with some of the big financials, to take feedback and
educate about Zones, SMF, Networking, and our Fault Management technologies. Then on Wednesday June 8 (Manhattan) and again
on Thursday June 9 (Somerset, NJ) we’ll be speaking at “Developer Days.” There might even still be some spots open (at no cost if I understand correctly),
if you’d like to participate. See Liane’s
blog entry
for all of the information.

Finally, on Tuesday night (June 7), we’re hoping to host an informal gathering of anyone interested in anything
Solaris and/or OpenSolaris related. Location is TBD, and once again Liane’s
blog entry
has the contact information.

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