Java Screencasting Bounty: US $300

Buried at the bottom of a recent ‘blog entry I posted a bounty for a pure-java screencasting solution. I decided to repost it here, as a top level item, so that perhaps it will get noticed by more people. It might not be as sexy as google’s bounties, but I’m not a multi-billion dollar business, either. I’m also calling for other individuals
who might like to join in on funding the bounty, to increase it. is the way to reach me– put “bounty”
in the subject line (I don’t think I can cope with micro-increases to the bounty. US $50 increments)

  • US $300 bounty, expires Dec 31st, 2005.
  • Provide an open-source, pure Java implementation which allows one to build screencasts on a variety of platforms (minimally: Solaris, Linux, MacOS)
  • This means recording from VNC to SWF; then allowing edits, including deletion of specific frames and audio attachments in mp3 or wav format with some “attach at frame #x” controls.
  • Please be able to deliver it all in a single jar archive.
  • Clear and readable documentation.

I presume this wouldn’t actually be to hard given the fact java-based VNC clients and Java-based SWF processing tools are all available already.

I’m still working on my first screencast. Sorry for the delay!.

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