50! Why I like Bloglines

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Ok, the obligatory ‘blog about ‘blogging. Today I checked my bloglines account. If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed by the quantity of blogs out there, bloglines can really help to tame the chaos, providing you a centralized place to sift through the new entries in the blogs you read. I like it because, as a web service, I can log into it anywhere in the world, on any machine. It’s nice to have stuff centralized. There’s also a nice Firefox biff which can notify you of new entries ready for consumption!

One feature I especially like is that bloglines allows you to see how many other bloglines users have subscribed to a particular blog. This of course means that you can watch the stats on your own blog as well. So today I reached fifty bloglines users who are reading my blog; that makes me able to guess that my real readership must be quite a bit higher than that. While I’m dwarfed by some of our blogging giants like Bryan (132) and Eric (114), I’m feeling good about fifty.

An additional cool feature is that a bloglines user can choose to share his or her subscriptions with the world; this means that I even know who some of my 50 subscribers are (surely there is some sort of neat social networking/visualization project to be done here!). So, if you’re a bloglines subscriber– share your subscriptions! To do so, visit the “Account” link, go to “Account Settings” and choose “Yes, Publish my Blog/Blogroll.”

In other news, I’ve posted notification of Solaris Express builds to freshmeat.net.

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