OpenSolaris, Solaris 10 at MySQL User’s Conference

MySQL Users Conference 2005.
This week is the MySQL User’s Conference.
Stephen Harpster is going to give a talk entitled
OpenSolaris: Innovation Happens Everywhere
on Wednesday at 11:20am. Attend to learn all about the OpenSolaris project!

Following that, and on the heels of last week’s BoF at USENIX ’05, I’m throwing together a BoF entitled MySQL and Solaris 10. It is on Wednesday
at 9:30pm in the Magnolia Room of the Westin Santa Clara.

During the BoF we hope to talk about what makes Solaris 10 a good platform for running MySQL,
and see what else we need to do to improve the OS in order to run MySQL. If you’re there, please
join us!

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