Live, from Anaheim

Tonight I led the Solaris 10 BoF session at USENIX ’05.
Bart, Liane, Alan, David Bustos, Matt,
and John Clingan were there to help. We also spotted
Rich, Jim
and other Solaris Luminaries. John said that we had about 80 non-Sun folks in attendance, which I think is pretty good. The BoF ran from 8pm-11pm, and we didn’t escape the room until about midnight, when David turned out the lights and forced us all up to the hotel bar, where we stayed until 2am! Thanks for coming, everyone!

I give the crowd an “A” for insightful questions, a willingness to share opinions, and a lot of discussion about Sun, Solaris and OpenSolaris in the marketplace, in academia, and in research. For me, it was interesting to contrast the discussion with the one we had at LISA ’04, which was focused on issues like DHCP, LDAP, Jumpstart. I was a little less happy with my own performance– maybe it was the Claritin, the lack of sleep, the scent of DisneyLand in the air, or whatever, but I was less coherent than I had hoped to be. If my introduction to
The details of the CDDL License
(see also Andy’s blog), or anything else was lacking,
check out the aforementioned links, or leave me a comment.

If you’re in town for USENIX don’t miss Liane’s Developer BoF tonight (Wednesday evening)! This isn’t a replay of Tuesday’s BoF. She’ll lead a deeper tour of DTrace, SMF, /proc tools and other developer topics. Ok… time for sleep.

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