Whoohoo! gtkam & USB on Solaris 10

With a little help from Frits, I got my Canon Powershot S45 digital camera connected via USB to my Toshiba Tecra M1, all running
Solaris 10, build 74. The most important steps are:

# add_drv -i '"device_id"' ugen

See the ugen(7D) man page for more details; there is also some information and hints in /usr/sfw/share/doc/libusb/libusb.txt. The key trick I discovered is that it is critical to get the device ID correct. To figure
that out, look in your prtconf -v output. You need to find the compatible property.
In my case, for my camera, this was as follows (see also the full screen shot).

name='compatible' type=string items=9
value='usb4a9,306c.1' + 'usb4a9,306c' + 'usb4a9,classff.ff.ff' +
'usb4a9.classff.ff' + 'usb4a9.classff' + 'usb,classff.ff.ff' +
'usb,classff.ff' + 'usb,classff' + 'usb,device'

For whatever reason, you need to get the binding to the most specific device (i.e., the first
in the list). So for me:

# add_drv -m '\* 0666 root sys' -i '"usb4a9,306c.1"' ugen

Also make sure to get the quoting exactly right, as I specify above. Now, unplug your camera,
and plug it back in. Check with prtconf -D and make sure ugen has bound to the device.
If not, you might need to just reboot. Anyway, double check the device permissions, and correct them to
taste. If you’ve followed along they should be 0666 at this point.
The device appears as /dev/usb/id/0/... (0 is the USB ‘interface’ number). Just chmod
the device nodes if they’re not right.

At this point (I think) you should be able to run gphoto2. In build 74 and later,
this appears in /usr/demo/jds/bin, since it’s not officially supported by Sun.

$ /usr/demo/jds/bin/gphoto2 --auto-detect
Model                          Port
Canon PowerShot S45 (normal mode) usb:

If that doesn’t work, try the --debug flag. Next up, try /usr/demo/jds/bin/gtkam,
and see if it works. Good luck! Frits also mentioned that the USB folks are working on ways of
making this process a little less arduous in the future. See also the new USB on Solaris FAQ.

P.S.: the pics are from my friends Dave and Amy’s recent wedding.

P.P.S: Clicking on the thumbnail will also get you a nice shot of my desktop setup on S10_74.

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