Zones goes to school

So I’ve been blogging all week about our efforts to teach people within Sun and at LISA about Zones (a.k.a. Solaris Containers). One of the attendees from Penn State came up to me just before my talk today and told me that an OS course at Penn State was looking at Zones as part of the course. I think I must have looked surprised. Now that I’ve had the chance to spend some time hunting through PSU’s CSE department website, I found that Prof. Don Heller’s CSE 411 course is working on this assignment. Hopefully our LISA ’04 paper will be of value to the students. I’ll pass a copy along (I hope to post the paper here, too, but I want to check in with the USENIX folks first). I think the professor has asked an interesting question, and that this sort of exercise (wade through various bits of literature trying to build an understanding of a topic) is valuable.

Being a Pennsylvania native, I’m particularly gratified 🙂