LISA ’04 Thursday: Booths and BoFs

Photo Credit: Jim Grisanzio
Another busy day! Today we spent more time at the Solaris 10 Booth at LISA ’04. I feel like we were effective at getting the message across. I also had a series of in-depth conversations with admins, IHVs, and others. A lot of people seem interested in our demos. One thing we’ve learned at LISA is that some of our users are cranky about Solaris patching. One told me it was forcing him off of Solaris. Several folks stopped and it was on their mind that their system uptime is impacted by slow patching, and that they prefer solutions such as that from debian. On the other hand, some people were appreciative of the ability to backout a patch. We talked a little bit about some remedies in the works– but I’m going to have to do some more research before I write it up.

Krister and I also went to a couple of the technical talks, and then to the Sci-Fi/Casino/Reception, where we had a great discussion about zones and jails implementation, and Open Source Solaris details with some of the guys from DragonFly BSD.

Capping the day, we hosted a BoF entitled Solaris 10: Where we are, and where we are going. I think it’s fair to call it a marathon session; I started by presenting an overview of Solaris 10, and then Andy talked about the OpenSolaris project. After about 80 minutes of presentation, we opened the floor up to discussion and questions, which was a really intense experience. We finished just a few minutes short of four hours, and repaired to the hotel bar for more discussion with the remaining folks– and then we got booted from there about a half hour later. Jim has pictures…

Alan took a bunch of notes at the BoF about feature ideas and suggestions from the community members present. I’ll see if we can get a summary posted soon.