See You at LISA ’04!

Later this month, Andy, Alan, Eric, myself, and some of our other coworkers will be attending USENIX’s LISA ’04 conference. This year, LISA is in Atlanta, Georgia.
I’ve never been to LISA before, but I did attend OSDI a couple of times. I’ve always been impressed with the community that USENIX has built, and I think LISA will be cool in the way in which it brings academia, admins and industry together.

Technical Session

Andy Tucker and I submitted a paper, entitled
Solaris Zones: Operating System Support for Consolidating Commercial Workloads; we were honored that the LISA Refereed Paper Program Committee accepted our paper. The paper runs to about 9000 words; I spent a lot of time holed up at Coupa Cafe this summer writing it.


Sun is a Premium Sponsor of LISA, so we’ll also be running a booth in the exhibition area.
Our current plan is that we’ll demo different facets of Solaris 10 like Zones, DTrace, Predictive Self Healing, the JDS3 integration, the 64-bit AMD64 kernel, and maybe some other surprises. Stop by the booth to hang out and talk, meet some of the Solaris engineering team, and see some cool demos!


We’ll be hosting a Solaris 10 BoF session on Thursday, November 18. We’ll have food, giveaways and lots of discussion on Solaris 10! While we don’t have the details completely tacked down, we’ll probably give a brief overview of Solaris 10 features, discuss OpenSolaris, give a demo or two, and then just go wherever the BoF attendees want to.