First, I need you to sign this fiddle contest waiver…

I was recently asked to help out with a cool new promotion being run by Sun. The
Solaris 10 Challenge Competition
rewards community members who do innovative work with some of our Solaris 10 technologies.
Since I worked on the Zones project, I am
particularly gratified that two of the four competitions are going to be about N1 Grid Containers
(N1GC is shorthand for the combination of Solaris 10 Resource Management and Solaris Zones).
The other two contests currently running are about
DTrace. You have some time to craft something
really special: the contest entries are due December 24, 2004.

I also think it’s cool that we are offering some pretty nice prizes: HDTV’s, ACER Ferrari laptops and
Apple iPods.

Of course,
no good deed goes unpunished
. Despite the sour tone of the poster, there is a legitimate point made:
I agree that the contest winner should be able to elect to take a cash prize instead of the
TV, Laptop, or whatever (but to be clear: I’m not in participating in the legal, financial
or administrative aspects of these contests; so while I agree, I’m not the rule-maker).
I am optimistic
that this will be negotiable, and I do know that our marketing folks are aware of the issue.

So: please enter the contest, and take your best shot!